The Knowledge Management Group consists of a multidisciplinary team that works to ensure that decisions in the field of health by health professionals, patients and managers are made in accordance with the best available scientific knowledge. This includes developing methods for systematic reviews, conducting reviews, supporting others to conduct reviews, and providing guidance and training in this area. Similarly, the group maintains a line of work in the preparation, updating and implementation of clinical practice guidelines and in the prioritization of research needs from the perspective of patients.

Mª del Mar Trujillo Martín
Beatriz León Salas
Tasmania del Pino Sedeño
Ana Mª de Pascual y Medina
Diego Infante Ventura
Aythami de Armas Castellano
Yadira González Hernández

Development of Clinical Practice Guidelines

Clinical Practice Guidelines Program

Set of recommendations based on a systematic review of the evidence and on the evaluation of the risks and benefits of the different alternatives, with the aim of optimizing healthcare for patients

Clinical Practice Guideline on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Clinical Practice Guideline for Hereditary Retinal Dystrophies

Organism of the Spanish National Health System (SNS) in which the Ministry of Health and the seventeen Spanish Autonomous Communities participate to promote the preparation and use of Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) with a homogeneous and contrasted methodology.