The Person-Centered Care Group is composed of professionals from the field of social and health sciences, as well as information and communication technologies. Our lines of research are based on the application of mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative) for the design, development, evaluation and implementation of interventions based on the best scientific evidence to promote person-centered care, the shared decision-making model and support tools for shared decision-making between health professionals and patients. Similarly, the group focuses on the exploration of the experiences of patients and relatives regarding their health condition, on the evaluation of the needs and priorities of research and information from the perspective of the patients, on the evaluation of the results perceived by the patients, as well as on strategies to enhance the participation of patients in research and in the evaluation of health services and technologies.

The Person-Centered Care group coordinates the Web Platform

Lilisbeth Perestelo Pérez
Amado Rivero Santana
Ana Toledo Chávarri
Yolanda Álvarez Pérez
Alezandra Torres Castaño
Vanesa Ramos García
Andrea Duarte Díaz
Analía Abt Sacks