The “Epidemiology and Dynamic Trials” group is made up of statisticians with training in research methodology and study design. Our lines of research include all phases of the execution of a primary study (design, preparation of the protocol, development, monitoring and data analysis) and the obtaining of quantitative results through meta-analysis in the performance of secondary research studies. Among the most recent and relevant projects is the clinical trial for the tertiary prevention of type 2 diabetes, INDICA. The development and diagnostic validation of tools for the diagnosis of ocular pathologies through the automatic evaluation of images, OCTAL and RETAL or the development of the Canary Islands Health Survey with the collaboration of the Canary Institute of Statistics, ISTAC.

Yolanda Ramallo Fariña
Himar González Pacheco
Miguel Ángel García Bello



OBJETIVE: To assess the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of complex knowledge transfer and decision support interventions for patients and professionals, to improve health outcomes in the population with type 2 DM.